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Simplify your company's finances with bookkeeping - the essential function of maintaining accurate and updated financial records. From bank and payroll records to purchase and sale filings, proper bookkeeping ensures regulatory compliance and eases tasks like audits and tax preparation. Save time and streamline your finances with effective bookkeeping.

Accounts Payable

We manage your accounts payable, ensuring timely payment of bills, accurate record-keeping, and efficient vendor management. By handling this process, we help you maintain positive relationships with your suppliers while keeping your finances organized.

Accounts Receivable

Our team takes care of your accounts receivable, tracking customer payments, generating invoices, and managing collections. With our systematic approach, we ensure that you receive payments on time, improving your cash flow and minimizing outstanding balances.

General Ledger

We maintain your general ledger, accurately recording all financial transactions. This includes categorizing expenses, allocating income, and ensuring the integrity of your financial data. By keeping your general ledger up to date, we provide you with clear insights into your business's financial health.

Invoicing and Billing Services

We handle your invoicing and billing processes, generating professional invoices, tracking payments, and managing client accounts. Our efficient invoicing system helps you streamline your revenue collection and maintain accurate records of customer transactions.

Bank Reconciliation

Our bookkeeping services include reconciling your bank statements with your financial records. This process ensures that your records match the transactions reflected in your bank account, minimizing discrepancies and identifying any errors or fraudulent activities.

CRA and WSIB Audit Liaison

In the event of a CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) or WSIB (Workplace Safety and Insurance Board) audit, we act as your liaison, representing your business and assisting with the audit process. Our expertise and knowledge of regulatory requirements help ensure a smooth and successful audit experience.

HST and GST Registration and Filing

Our team assists with HST and GST registration and filing, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. We handle the necessary paperwork, submit tax returns on time, and help you optimize your tax strategy while avoiding penalties and interest charges.

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